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Convincing a guy who is well-off is never easy


Dirty Scout #123 : Taking care of old people is a noble job. I admire people who are willing to do such a thing. The boy who visited me today returned recently from Austria where he took care of a very sick old man. His client died and he decided not to go through such a traumatic experience again. He moved to Prague and was looking for a different healthcare job. He liked the position I offered him very much and agreed to sign the contract. I really wanted to have fun with this cute young man but I was sure he accumulated pretty large savings while working in Austria. Convincing a guy who is well-off is never easy. Still, I decided to try my luck and hoped for the best. But the boy spent all his money on a flat in Prague so he couldn’t afford our mediation fee. This was my lucky day.

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Date: March 11, 2018