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Helix Studios: Nathan Styles fucks Cameron Parks


Helix Studios – “Introducing Nathan Styles”: There’s a naughty new guy in town named Nathan Styles and young porn pro Cameron Parks pummels the pretty young stud with probing questions. The newbie is a farm boy from Arkansas who grew up on a ranch plowing fields and riding horses; BUT, he makes a special point to let Cam know he’s also good at riding a bull! He identifies as bisexual and moved to L.A. to explore that side more and to pursue music. The conversation turns tasty when Nathan describes his first experience with a guy which leads the cock stiffening convo to aggressive sex and Parks informing Styles he likes big dicks. Nathan gets the hint, stands up and says, “ya wanna see one?” The raunchy ranch hand is already rock hard and looking hot as hell in his sexy black boxer briefs. Parks gets on his knees and plants his pouty pink kisser on the kid’s cock. Styles leans down to suck face with his new friend and unzip the boy’s pants before kneeling in front of Cameron to eat some of that delicious dick while keeping him in check with a choke. They tag team one another’s torpedoes while Styles positions his porn loving palms to inspect Parks’ hungry hole perfectly. Nate moves his hand from the kid’s can up to the back of Cam’s head so he can fuck the hell out of his face. Thanks to Parks’ expert groin gobbling skills, the new guy is hard as granite and aching for a warm place to shove his probing pud. Taking to porn like a duck to water, new guy Nathan bends his bottom over the bed and inserts his big bareback sex stick deep. He hammers hard while holding Parks by the hips as bottom boy’s long schlong sways underneath them. Styles slaps the kid on the caboose then muscles him onto the bed to service his hole from the side. Nate puts his rancher skills to use extremely well, plowing Parks’ fuck hungry fanny and slapping the dick pig on the ass hard enough to leave a hand brand. Styles expertly slides Cam’s leg over a bit to get him onto his back as he holds the hottie by the neck hard enough that Parks gets flush red with fuck teetering on the edge of orgasm. Cameron’s cock elongates even more, spitting like a ballplayer all over his own sexy smooth playing field. Sir Styles saddles up to Park’s pretty penis sucker and nuts nasty all over the kid’s flushed face. Cameron keeps his mouth open and naughty Nathan accepts the orgasmic invite, blasting ball butter all over the twink’s tender taster . He shoves his sperm slick dick inside Cam’s cock sucker once more to feed our hungry horn dog a full course of gourmet cock.

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Date: March 19, 2018