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Carter Dane gets fucked by Ace Quinn at CockyBoys


CockyBoys: Instant chemistry rules as Ace Quinn meets fellow French Canadian Carter Dane! After getting to know each other a little, Carter lies back, teasingly stroking himself in front of Ace, who takes the bait and makes out with him. Ace’s sensual kisses slowly move down Carter’s muscular torso and down to his cock which he sucks just as sensually, much to Carter’s pleasure.

Soon Carter gets on his knees and goes down on Ace, sucking him deeply and taking some of his face-fucking. Ace soon takes more control flipping Carter back on the bed to eat his ass and sit lube him. And in time Ace flips Carter on all fours to give his hole a variable speed drilling. He slows down only once to thrust deep into him and flip him back to pile-drive him over the side of the bed.

After pulling Carter back up the bed Ace slides back in sideways and drives into him deep bringing Carter closer & closer to the edge. But before he does Ace turns Carter on his back and keeps fucking him until he explodes in a thick load over himself. Ace keeps pumping and shoots inside Carter. He plays with the cum oozing out of Carter’s hole and gives him one more passionate kiss for the road.


Watch Ace Quinn fuck Carter Dane at CockyBoys


Date: April 11, 2020