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Next Door Studios
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Aspen, Dante Martin and Elye Black fuck at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “Game of Threes”: When Aspen’s boyfriend catches them fooling around, Dante Martin isn’t really sure what to think. He’s not sure if Elye Black is going to be mad, but the last thing he expected was for him to invite the two of them inside to put on a show for him. Dante isn’t positive how he feels about it, but when he sees how much Elye likes to watch, his lust for Aspen takes over and he loses his reservations. Luckily Elye doesn’t just like to watch, and after he’s seen enough to get him rock hard through his pants, he gets naked and joins in, as he and Aspen take turns feeding Dante their cocks. He ends up with twice the dick that he bargained for, but no one’s complaining as long as these three hot hunks are together.

Watch Aspen, Dante Colle and Elye Black fuck at Next Door Studios


Date: December 11, 2019