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8teenboy: Caleb Gray and Jimmy Andrews flip-fuck


8teenboy – “See Something You Like?”: Caleb Gray swings by schoolmate Jimmy Andrews’ house when the boy’s are through with their after school workout. Caleb waits on his buddy’s bed while Andrews jumps in the shower and winds up getting an eyeful of Jimmy’s Johnson when he returns! Andrews asks if the kid sees something he likes. He does. So, Jimmy tempts the twink to do something about it…..which he also does! Still sitting on the bed, Gray is in a prime spot with Andrews’ appendage looming large right in his face. He gives his classmate a grade A knob gobble with a side of cocky confidence in the form of dirty talk about his big rig. Andrews finally bends down to taste himself on Caleb’s lips; then, he kisses Gray’s tight torso all the way down, stopping at the boy’s bone. He deep throats the kid’s cock and sucks his balls beautifully while stealing sweet kisses in between. Since they’re new fuck buds, he asks Caleb if he wants his ass eaten to which he replies “fuck yeah!” Jimmy pushes Caleb’s legs in the air and plunges his darting tongue deep in the kid’s smooth hole. Andrews in unable to leave Gray’s gorgeous groin for long, so he slurps on schlong every time he cums up for air from that beautiful booty. Jimmy’s jock is ready for some ass action and Caleb’s can is wet and absolutely aching for a banging. Andrews pulls his buddy to the edge of the bed and plunges his piece deep into the succulent center, bareback. Jimmy starts off with sultry, smooth strokes then picks up the pace for a penetratingly good pummeling! Caleb’s cock looks like it might explode already but the boys aren’t nearly through! They rearrange so Gray can catch a ride. Jimmy slaps his beautiful butt as the boy bounces before Caleb expresses interest in topping Andrews’ hot ass! Andrews jumps onto Caleb’s cock with his huge hog facing the camera and quickly gets a groove going as his own bone bounces between strokes. Andrews asks his new top to go harder; so, Gray orders him onto his back. Caleb cocks the kid severely, causing Jimmy’s giant to spit sperm all over his sexy six pack. Gray isn’t far behind. He pulls out and douses the dude with super splashes of liquid love then goes in for a postcoital kiss. They slid around in the warm slippery nut, making out like the crazy carefree kids they are.

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Date: April 2, 2018