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Small town boys can be pretty slutty sometimes.


Dirty Scout #127. I really like boys from small towns. They look so innocent compared to city boys. This one was such a sweat heart. I could tell he was from a good family. He had good schools and I liked how ambitious he was. His French was so good that he wanted to become a translator. Unfortunately, all I could give him was a job at a French company. He was still excited about it and gladly accepted the job. His excitement faded away once he realized he wasn’t able to afford our fee. So… we had to improvise. His naked body left me in awe, specifically his horse cock. I have never had an applicant with such a monster dick at my office. He was bigger than me! When we moved forward, he revealed some other hidden talents and skills. Small town boys can be pretty slutty sometimes.

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Date: April 15, 2018