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Suited hunks Gabriel Lunna and Diego Reyes fuck


Men at Play : Reckless. More hot rides and hot studs this week in Reckless. Gabriel Lunna and Diego Reyes are running a car dealership for high-end clients. Their cars are as sleek and smooth as the suits they wear. Luxury sports cars require stylish pumped-up hotties like Gabriel and Diego to rev their engines and get them off on the road. Yet Gabriel has a problem: the vehicle he promised to have repaired by a mechanic is still undriveable, and he’s panicking. Diego has a way to calm him down and make it all better—a hot fuck! Diego squats down to suck Gabriel’s hard dick before he takes off Gabriel’s pants, pushes him onto the hood of a shiny car, and parks his tongue up Gabriel’s wide-open hole. With his ankles in the air, Gabriel gives Diego full access to his love tunnel. These guys pound on top of the car so hard they forget all about the car. It’s all about grunting and fucking. And their cumshots are epic. Yours will be too!

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Date: April 1, 2018