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GuyBone: Jack Miles and Aaron Burke fuck each other


GuyBone: Aaron had done an amazing job topping Jared Gryphon in their debut scene, and he’s primarily a top, but when he said he just couldn’t turn down bottoming for str8 sk8r Jack’s big uncut cock, I knew I had to film it. They had incredible chemistry from the start, sexily sucking face and scruffing beards together. Aaron lusted for Jack’s thick dick bad, wasting no time undoing his fly and grabbing a handful of hardening trouser hose. Aaron’s ridiculously hot dad bod was hairy and littered with tattoos and as they stripped completely down to their bulging underwear, I could sense how into him Jack was, as well. They popped their boners out of their underwear and jerked each other softly. They kissed passionately and rubbed their stiff members together. One cut, one uncut. Both big, hard, and hairy as hell. Read more…

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Date: May 28, 2018