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Quin Quire and Forest enjoy each other’s bodies


Guys in Sweatpants. you like watching lean jocks fuck and cum in each other, you’re in luck here. This is Quin Quire and Forest‘s first time on the site, but it’s Forest’s first video ever! Since it’s their first time, I wanted to chat with them like usual, but as I walked in the room, Quin was already face deep in Forest’s beautiful ass. Definitely can’t blame him! After swapping blowjobs, they flip fucked all over the bed and floor. Quin has a beautiful cock that perfectly compliments Forest’s amazing bubble butt. The only thing better than the look on Forest’s face as he’s getting plowed is when they both blow their loads at the same time while that’s happening! Just two hot jocks enjoying each other’s bodies…inside and out.

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Date: May 22, 2018
Actors: Forest / Quin Quire