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Timarrie Baker abuses Roman Maverick in a hot piss scene from Lucas Raunch


Lucas Raunch: Timarrie Baker and Roman Maverick star in this 34-minute long Lucas Raunch scene! Timarrie is an alpha top who is very comfortable in charge, and he uses his big black cock on Roman Maverick. But he doesn’t just fuck Roman: he subjugates and feminizes him by putting him in stockings; it’s clear he’s going to be Timarrie’s pussy-boy slut. Timarrie Baker slams Roman Maverick’s ass without mercy, to the point where Roman scrunches his face up and tears. Timarrie takes the rough fuck encounter further by soaking Roman (and the mattress) in piss and loosens the bottom’s ass up with a sex toy.

Watch Timarrie Baker and Roman Maverick get dirty in the full Lucas Rauch video


Date: May 28, 2018