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Twinks in Shorts: Marc Rushmore and Florian Mraz


Twinks in Shorts: Slow and sensual, with lots of body contact. That’s how we like it at Twinks in Shorts, and that’s exactly how Marc Rushmore and Florian Mraz take things. Blond, uncut and thick hung Florian luxuriates in the tube while tall and tattooed Marc massages every part of his body. Pouring oil in Florian’s bath water and using scented soap, Marc gets Florian fully hard and takes his sweet time sucking his juicy cock while alternating between playing with Florian’s balls and feeling up his entire body with hot, eager hands. But after a while, Marc goes exploring. Using his tongue, he turns Florian around to access that most sacred and tasty morsel, the tender pink bud that is Florian’s hole. Marc savors the puckered starburst than offers up his own uncut shaft for Florian to devour. But as good as Florian sucks cock, Marc enjoys the way Florian’s own throbbing tube fills his mouth and goes back to servicing Florian until he explodes with a nice, creamy finish you can just about taste!

Watch Marc Rushmore & Florian Mraz in the full-length video at Twinks in Shorts


Date: May 28, 2018