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Aiden Ward, Cory Kane and Taylor Reign fuck at CockyBoys


CockyBoys: Cory Kane and Aiden Ward celebrate the pleasure of morning sex in a new CBFO bareback flip-fuck scene with a VERY hot, special twist: an appearance by Taylor Reign! At first Cory & Aiden wake up in each other’s arms and as they gently kiss Aiden is already desirous of getting fucked. Cory may still be sleepy but his cock is not so Aiden sucks him to rouse him up. This works like magic and soon Cory sucks him back leading them to a thorough big dick 69. Finally Aiden gets his original wish fulfilled. As he bends over at the headboard Cory rims and fingers Aiden’s hairy hole and then gives him the “full Cory”. He fucks Aiden hard and fast and although their moans are relatively quiet their bed squeaks & creaks like it’s plugged in. Slowing down helps calm the bed frame a little but when Aiden gets on top and rides Cory’s cock with a steady rhythm, the bed noisily vibrates again. As Aiden’s rock hard cock bounces in front of Cory, he wants his turn to be fucked. Aiden takes him from the side and plugs away resuming their high-energy fucking BUT they aren’t as quiet as they think. In the next room Taylor Reign can’t concentrate on his texting so he listens in and strokes his cock until he just has to see what’s going on. He watches from the doorway watching as Aiden fucks Cory on his back, harder & deeper. Finally Cory spots Taylor and invites him over so Cory can suck him. As Aiden keeps pounding his ass, Cory works his magic on Taylor’s cock, quickly bringing him over the edge to give Taylor a creamy facial. Aiden drives his cock in faster and pulls out to stroke out a load before sliding his still hard cock in to make Taylor explode over himself. As he basks in the breathless afterglow he exclaims emphatically, “Good morning!”

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Date: July 11, 2018