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Tristan Adler and newbie Dylan Hayes flip-fuck at 8teenboy


8teenboy – “Introducing Dylan Hayes”: Tristan Adler and Dylan Hayes are hitting it off amazingly on their first date! The guys get to know each other during a deliciously intimate conversation on a sunny summer day. This is Dylan’s first scene with another guy, so porn pro Adler asks all the right questions. We find out hottie Hayes gets horny when you caress his thick muscled thighs and absolutely loves his hole worked. And, if you dominate him, add a touch of kink and tie the twink up, you’ll be rewarded with a five star fucking experience! Hayes is the youngest of seven kids and hails from a small town so he’s definitely excited to be in the big city filming his first ever fuck flick! Adler senses his excitement, plants a kiss on the kid then whisks him off to the bedroom so they can get some good stuff goin’! Remembering Dylan likes to be dominated, Tristan takes control. He whips the kid’s shirt off, pushes him down on the bed and blows pretty boy’s behemoth sized boner like a boss! Tristan says “my turn,” then shoves his stiff shaft at Dylan’s dick sucker. He fucks the fine boy’s face while pushing his pretty head down deeper onto his delicious dick before his own hunger for Hayes hind end heats up. Dylan’s derriere is divine, smooth, tan and perfectly round and plump. Adler eats ass like a champ, gives the kid’s caboose a smack, then plunges his perfect pecker deep inside Dylan’s dick hungry hole. Adler assaults the golden boy’s butt in his favorite position while Hayes works justas hard, hammering his hot hole back at the assassin and ordering him to “destroy that fucking hole!” Hayes is hung beautifully and Adler isn’t about to finish this fuck without test driving that fat phallus. Dylan dicks the dude down and has him whimpering and moaning for more! Tristan just enjoys the fuck for a bit before handling his big business below because he knows once he touches that torpedo of his, it’ll explode! And, he’s right! Adler cranks his cock and busts a buttload of beautiful boy butter onto his smooth six pack. Hayes can’t hold back any longer. He whips his wide weapon out and unloads all over Adler’s spent, satisfied sausage and barely there pubic hair. The pretty pair kiss, commemorating the smashing success of Dylan’s first on film fuck!

Watch Tristan Adler and Dylan Hayes flip-fuck at 8teenboy


Date: July 13, 2018