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Big-dicked bottom Dexx gets fucked by Rikk York


Pride Studios – “Big Dicked Bottom”: Dexx is chillin’ in some smooth sexy shorts when Rikk York walks up to him. Rikk begins to rub Dexx’s cock through the shorts and soon enough he has that big dick in his mouth. They move into a sexy 69 position so they can both have their mouths full of cock. Rikk’s cock is throbbing and after he rimmed Dexx’s sweet smooth ass he slowly pushes his dick into that tight hole. Dexx takes it like a champ as Rikk fucks him in a few positions until Dexx ends up on his back where Rikk fucks the cum right out of him. Rikk pulls his bare cock out and blows his load all over Dexx’s chest.

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Date: January 1, 2020
Actors: Dexx / Rikk York