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Sean Cody
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18 year old newcomer Elton solo for Sean Cody


Sean Cody: Adorable ginger, Elton, is an 18-year-old packing a big, curved dick and he loves it! “I think a big dick is about 6-7 inches above and I’m right at that benchmark,” says the well-built, boyish cutie. “I’m circumcised and when I get a boner it just curves up. My pubes are a red-burgundy color. I probably jerk off about once or twice a week,” says Elton. “My ideal guy is taller than me, muscular, good face, nice eyes and clean!” proclaims Elton. “I lost my virginity a year ago and I learned to bottom. Bottoming for me now is a whole different world. I feel it, I can cum from it and it’s a feeling in my ass hitting that G-spot.” He continues, “If I were to come back to Sean Cody; I would love a bigger dick! I’m kind of a size queen. I love getting my dick sucked, my ass eaten and fucked,” says Elton. “I can take any dick!”

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Date: August 29, 2018
Actors: Elton (SC)