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Pride Studios: Josh Andrews and Brandon Wilde fuck


Pride Studios – “I’ll Do Anything”: Brandon Wilde walks in on his Stepdad Josh Andrews packing up his clothes. Brandon’s confused and wants to know why he is packing a suitcase. Josh informs him that he and his Mom are breaking up. Once Brandon hears that he tells Josh that he would do anything to keep him here and Josh is eager to know what Brandon really means. Brandon moves closer to his Stepdad and starts to kiss him passionately while taking his clothes off revealing his hard throbbing cock. Brandon goes down on him and starts to deep throat every inch of his Stepdad’s cock. Brandon has been waiting a long time to suck on this hard dick and get fucked by it. Josh face fucks his young Stepson’s mouth until he flips him over and starts to rim his sweet smooth ass. Brandon goes wild as he feels his Stepdad’s warm tongue licking his smooth hole. Now that Brandon’s ass is lubed up with spit Josh pushes his big hard dick into his tight little hole making Brandon squirm with delight. Josh fucks his young ass long and deep until Brandon wants to get a piece of his ass. Josh bends his Daddy ass over and Brandon pushes his young hard cock deep into his Stepdad’s ass and begins to thrust into him deep and slow picking up pace until his balls are slapping with the momentum.<br></br> Brandon continues to fuck his Stepdad’s ass until he pulls his young cock out and blows a huge creamy load all over his ass. Brandon finishes his stepdad off by sucking his dick until his load shoots out all over and he licks it all up. They end by sharing the warm cum as they kiss.

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Date: August 20, 2018