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Ben Masters fucks newcomer Damian Grey at CockyBoys


CockyBoys: New Exclusive Damian Grey, makes his CockyBoys AND porn debut at the same time, with Ben Masters doing the honors. After giving Damian a little taste of semi-public sex, Ben takes Damian back to the house for a more private make-out session on the porch. There Ben sensually explores Damian’s body and goes down on him, sucking his big cock and balls and enthusiastically giving him a heavy dose of pleasure. Ben gets Damian to his feet to give him more oral pleasure but soon Damian wants to suck cock too. Ben vocally approves of Damian’s skill and his desire and kicks it up a notch by standing behind him, necking with him and cock-teasing his hole. They both know where they’re headed going but first Ben bends Damian over to rim his hot ass before giving him what he wants. Ben slides his cock in and out of Damian who can’t get enough and expresses the need to ride him.Damian slides his hole over Ben’s thick cock and works his ass on it. Soon Ben takes over and thrusts hard into Damian before slowing down and getting them into sync. Ben shifts gear and puts Damian on his back to kiss him and suck him until he begs to be fucked some more. Ben does just that and takes almost takes full control by stroking Damian as he fucks. Close to the edge Damian grabs his cock and finishes himself off, blasting a load over his body. Ben lets Damian come down a little before shooting his thick load over his abs and sealing his debut with an affectionate kiss.

Watch Ben Masters fuck newcomer Damian Grey at CockyBoys


Date: October 17, 2018