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Boomer Banks raw-fucks Jessie Colter at CockyBoys


CockyBoys: At last Boomer Banks gets with long time pal Jessie Colter for a CBFO/BOOMBOXXX scene… with some POV action! As an excited Jessie says when he strips and his hard cock pops out, “I’ve been ready for a long time!” He proves it by offering up his perfect ass for Boomer to eat out and manhandle and moan in response. Jessie gets his mouth on Boomer’s cock and sucks him enthusiastically, getting more excited when his nipples are played with. It’s an intense build-up for what they’ve waited five years! Boomer slides his cock into Jessie who twerks on it to get him deeper. Bent over the couch Boomer thrusts into a gasping, moaning and demonstrably vocal Jessie who makes it clear how deep Boomer is inside of him. And when Boomer fucks him up against he wall Jessie’s insatiable ass takes it all with no limits. On the bed bed Boomer thrusts into a limber and writhing Jessie on in his back. They kiss passionately and Jessie has to restrain himself from cumming by not touching his cock, until Boomer gives him the go-ahead. Jessie barely strokes himself and explodes in a cum shower which splatters all over him. His orgasm lasts and he remains hard as they still go at it. Finally after fucking Jessie from the side Boomer cums over his hole and slides it back in. Boomer plays with Jessie’s ass in what should be the afterglow..except for the fact that Jessie’s orgasmic high may last well after the camera stops!

Watch Boomer Banks bareback Jessie Colter at CockyBoys


Date: October 22, 2018