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Hans Berlin is hungry for Nathan Daniels’ hole


Dudes Raw: Hans Berlin is hungry for hole, and Nathan Daniels is ready to be pumped full of raw meat. They paw at each other in the kitchen, and once Hans’ dick is out Nathan kneels in front to get his face fucked. Almost gagging on the thick meat, Nathan drools juicy gobs that slide from Hans’ tight nuts. He positions his mouth so Hans can hold his skull and drive in to the root. Nathan bends over the kitchen counter and Hans dives in to eat. Face buried in the young stud’s meaty crack, Hans pulls away only to drive in a finger or two into the wet, spitslick hole. He plows his cock into the juicy ass and begins pounding. Nathan’s hard woody bobs up with the power of each rough stroke. Riding his ass like a cowboy, Hans gives Nathan’s ass an appreciative slap or two. He grabs his hot bottom’s shoulders and rams his dick in even harder. Nathan rolls onto the counter and spreads his legs open for the tough top to give it to him good. His butt quivers and shakes from the power of Hans’ thrusts, and he can’t keep his hands off his own meat any longer. Hans steps up onto the counter and lies back as Nathan rides. Their bodies knit together in unison, they work up to a deep hot spray. Hans pulls out and fingers his horny buddy as he erupts a river of cum that juices Nathan’s crack, then pumps his raw spurting cock back in. He parts the hairy ass as hot sperm leaks out the fresh-fucked hole.

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Date: November 14, 2018