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Gabriel Clark fucks Troy Accola at CockyBoys


CockyBoys: Devoted fan Troy Accola finally gets to be with his porn crush Gabriel Clark and he’s super-excited for his chance to be “Clark’d”! In this condom free scene Gabriel joins Troy in the shower and true to form engages in passionately sensual seduction. Soon Troy goes down on Gabriel who reciprocates with even more passionate sucking before turning Troy around to eat out his smooth hole.

It isn’t long though before they dry off and continue on the sofa. When Gabriel sits down Troy snuggles on his lap and dreamily enjoys his kisses and focused cock fondling. Gabriel soon sucks Troy’s rock hard cock and big balls before bending him over to rim & finger his hole and prime it for his cock. Gabriel slides into Troy and thrust fucks him deep and hard over and over almost slamming him to the wall… and Troy loves it.

Gabriel lets Troy ride his cock in front of a mirror so they both can enjoy the view. At one point Troy stands & feeds his cock to Gabriel before riding him again, wherein Gabriel lifts Troy up and lies him on his back to relentlessly plow him. Troy soon shoots a big load over himself as Gabriel keeps fucking. He pull out to cum over and into Troy’s hole. He licks some up and tastes some of Troy’s cum as they share a sweat-soaked euphoric kiss. Truly, Troy has been “Clark’d”.

Watch Gabriel Clark fuck Troy Accola at CockyBoys


Date: January 10, 2020