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Jude returns for his first hardcore scene and fucks Elian


Corbin Fisher: We have a holiday treat for you! Many of you have been writing to us about how much you wanted to see Jude in action with a guy, and we were more than happy to deliver on that. And, of course, we wanted to make sure that he was well taken care of, so fellow freshman Elian gets to do the honors of breaking Jude in! These two both have really hot muscles – and dirty minds – so a cute scene around the Christmas tree escalates quickly. Elian starts by sucking Jude off, really working his hot cock and balls, before Jude gets up on his knees and starts face-fucking him. Jude mounts Elian and really gives it to him, discovering how much fun he can have with a hot jock ass! For his first performance, Jude really delivers and both he and Elian are positively covered in cum by the end of this Christmas episode!

Watch Jude fuck Elian in his first hardcore scene


Date: December 26, 2018