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Raging Stallion
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Pheonix Fellington fucks with gogo dancers Colby Tucker and Jay Austin


Raging Stallion – “Hit It Then Quit It” (scene 1): Pheonix Fellington hits a bar where Colby Tucker and Jay Austin are gogo dancing. Pheonix stuffs their jockstraps with cash until Colby bends over and offers up his ass for Pheonix to explore with his tongue. The taste of Colby’s hole gets Pheonix’s cock throbbing before he gets on stage where Jay and Colby take turns servicing his monster cock with their eager throats and mouths. Seeing Pheonix’s jacked bod is more than Colby can take and he bends Pheonix over to stuff his raging boner deep inside the ripped stud. Colby pounds away as Jay shoves his dick into Pheonix’s mouth so the stud is plugged from both ends. After a nice cock sucking, Jay is ready for his turn at stuffing Pheonix from behind. They turn the stud around and switch it up as Jay continues to fuck Pheonix’s tight ass. Colby wants his turn and gets on his back with his legs in the air for Jay to take a turn on his open hole. After plowing his fellow dancer, Jay wants a crack with Pheonix and opens his legs for the hung stud to enter his ass. It’s a plowing that Jay won’t forget as Pheonix leaves his hole gaping. All that cock inside Jay makes him blast his load and after Colby sees Jay’s creamy cum land on his perfect abs, Colby lets loose and slathers Jay’s face with jizz. Pheonix pulls out and adds to the mix as Colby gets down and licks Jay’s sticky body clean.

Watch Pheonix Fellington, Colby Tucker & Jay Austin fuck

Date: December 22, 2018