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Muscle bottom Jaxx Thanatos gets fucked by Joe Parker


Pride Studios – “Big Muscle For Big Cock”: Jaxx Thanatos and Joe Parker are in the bedroom and Jaxx is flexing his massive biceps for Joe. Joe is caressing and admiring Jaxx’s hairy worked out body and Jaxx is groping Joe’s big cock through his pants. When Joe pulls it out Jaxx is impressed and he begins sucking Joe. After a while, they move into a position where Joe is eating Jaxx’s big meaty ass and Jaxx continues sucking Joe’s huge cock. Jaxx then tells Joe he has an idea since Joe loves his big muscles so much. He gets the lube and lubes up his arm and then used the crevice between his forearm and bicep to stroke Joe’s cock. Joe loves this and the visual really turns him on. Jaxx then climbs on top of Joe’s big cock and rides him deep in his ass. Joe then fucks Jaxx on his side for a while before opening him up in a missionary position and fucks him until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and shoots all over Jaxx. Jaxx then jacks his own cock and cums on himself.

Watch Jaxx Thanatos getting fucked by Joe Parker at Pride Studios


Date: January 10, 2019