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Loads To Share: Big-cocked Calvin Banks fucks Andy Taylor


Helix Studios – “Loads To Share”: Home alone after an intense workout, big-cocked Calvin Banks is horny as hell and hard as a rock! The dirty blond bad boy worked out every muscle except that massive piece of meat bulging beneath his workout shorts. Calvin tweaks his hard nipple, then peels off his sweaty exercise attire. His veiny 8 1/2 incher bounces out, ready to be worked. Our famous cock cam catches Banks’ beautiful beefy bone from every erotic angle as he makes his bad boy bounce and sway between strokes.

Realizing he’s got more than enough to share, the horny hard body places a booty call to super fine superstar, Andy Taylor. Pretty boy Taylor rushes over and falls to his knees in seconds. He slurps down every thick inch of Calvin’s perfectly curved cock down to his heavy, cum filled low hangers. Banks always gives as good as he gets. He deep throats Taylor’s twink tower of power while working the hottie’s hole with two spit slick, fat fingers. Andy’s ass always needs more than just a tease; so, he props his perfect posterior up on the bed and arches that back like a whore in heat!

Calvin is powerless, unable to resist Andy’s amazingly smooth, seductive back seat. Banks eats that ass like he’s at an all you can eat booty buffet, getting his guy nice and slick for his super sized sex stick. Banks’ slippery saliva drips from Taylor’s hot hole, signaling our alpha that it’s time to tear this shit the fuck up! The animalistic ass master spits on his stiff spear, then impales Andy’s ass like a rock hard rock star. He slides in slowly at first, then mounts his moaning bottom like a beast and blasts that ass like the power top he is! Banks tosses the twink around the bed, banging his pretty plaything in every porn pummeling position he pleases.

He works Taylor like a 9 to 5, sucking the sexy slut’s toes and throwing in a lusty love choke for good measure. The bareback bangathon cums to a splashy good climax as Andy’s hard hog heaves white hot ecstasy all over his beautiful bronze body. Banks whips his bulging beast out and erupts absolutely everywhere, his girthy goo geyser nails Andy right in that pretty face of his, giving the guy a well earned, gorgeous glaze. Calvin scoops up his hot spew and shoves it down Taylor’s thirsty throat. After all, every hard workout benefits from a thick, hearty protein shake.

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Date: March 30, 2019