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Spencer Laval fucks Evan Landers’ bare ass at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “Security Measures”: Freelance photographer Evan Landers has only been doing paparazzi work for a little while, but he’s about to get the story of the year when Spencer Laval catches him lurking around his property trying to catch a candid shot. Instead of chasing him off or calling the cops, Spencer watches through the security camera. Once he’s sure Evan is watching, he gives him a show.

Evan forgets about his camera and rubs the bulge in his pants as Spencer strokes his hard cock. What Evan wouldn’t give to sit on that, he thinks as Spencer continues to watch him through his app. Evan’s curiosity blossoms to full blown hunger for Spencer’s cock as he watches him from the window, imagining all the things he’d do to Spencer – or let Spencer do to him – if only they weren’t on opposite sides of the window. What Evan doesn’t realize as Spencer creeps up behind him is that he’s about to get his lucky shot.

Watch Spencer Laval fuck Evan Landers at Next Door Studios

Date: March 30, 2019