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Anthony Moore fucks and creams Dante Martin’s ass


Next Door Studios – “Dirty Cop. The Snitch”: Detective Anthony Moore may have questionable methods, but no one can argue with his results. No one, that is, except for his snitch, or ‘The Bitch’ as Anthony so lovingly refers to him. To his credit, Dante Martin is a good snitch, and has provided a few good leads in the past, but at this point, his main usefulness to Det. Anthony Moore are his two fuck holes, and in that capacity, he’s the best snitch Anthony’s ever had.

Dante hopes that one day he’ll be free of these little visits, but truth be told, he’ll probably miss Det. Moore when and if he ever stops coming around. It could be worse: Dante could be in the slammer instead of getting slammed. He could be doing hard time instead of hard cock, and Det. Moore knows this all too well, so at least for now, Dante can count on him cumming over from time to time.

Watch Anthony Moore raw-fuck Dante Martin at Next Door Studios



Date: June 21, 2019