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Joel Vargas massages and teases Erik Franke at Twinks in Shorts


Twinks in Shorts: When Erik Franke booked his massage with dark-haired hottie Joel Vargas, the slender white twink found it odd Joel wanted to meet in a remote part of a nearby forest. However, once Erik showed up and Joel invited him to lay down beside him, the pale young man understood clearly what Joel was after. The blond immediately does what Joel says, letting him massage his back, ass and legs. He’s soon stripped down and slippery with oil while Joel just continues having his fun with the skinny toned beauty. There isn’t a single spot of Erik’s body that doesn’t get covered with gooey stuff as Joel slaps and massages Erik’s cock, balls, ass, hole and even his feet. Paying extra special attention to Erik’s hole, Joel fingers the submissive, massaging his prostate and stretching him open, teasing Erik into thinking he’s going to get fucked. But this is about the sensuality of being outdoors, the wind on your skin, the naughtiness of knowing that at any moment, anyone can walk past and see what they’re doing. Showing off his ass, Joel invites Erik to spray a big load all over his shorts, which the blond does, perfectly sated before leaving.

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Date: June 6, 2019