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Kalani Walker gets fucked by Donte Thick at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “Face 2 Face”: Kalani Walker and Donte Thick have been window fucking each other since Kalani moved into the next building, but today is the day that they bridge the gap between them and see what it’s like in the flesh. Will Donte gorge on Kalani’s cock and balls just the way Kalani likes it? Do they call him Donte Thick for nothing or is he really packing something special down there? Just how hard will he fuck Kalani’s hot little ass? Will he jizz in his face or just spray his freshly fucked hole with his load? Kalani wonders all these things as he hurries over to Donte’s place. He’ll get all his answers and then some, soon enough.

Watch Kalani Walker bottom for Donte Thick at Next Door Studios

Date: June 6, 2019