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Mike O’Brian and Gage Garretts flip-fuck at Active Duty


Active Duty: Mike O’Brian and Gage Garretts do a quick interview before the games begin. They both kick back on the bed stroking their cocks until Gage wraps his eager little mouth around Mike’s big dick. Gage Garretts grabs that big dick with his hand while sucking every inch of Mike O’Brian‘s throbbing cock. He deep-throats it gagging while using his spit so his hand easily slides up and down Mike’s hard dick. Mike switches it up and gets his mouth around that big dick. He takes every inch into his mouth making Gage moan in pleasure as he looks down at Mike sucking and stroking his hard cock. Mike bends Gage over the bed and slowly tries to push his big thick cock into his tight little ass.

Claude has to give Gage a pep talk as his ass slowly opens up for Mike. The pep talk helps as Gage gives into it and finally Mike is able to get his cock balls deep. Gage begins to breath harder and harder as Mike fucks him thrusting in and out. After Mike fucked Gage in a few positions it is now his turn to fuck Mike. He too starts doggy-style and pushes his dick into Mike’s hairy hole. Mike on the other hand takes cock way better as Gage fucks him balls deep. Mike loves the cock in his tight ass as he banters with him about how amazing it feels. Sadly this amazing duo has to come to an end and with a few more thrusts Gage pulls his raw cock out and they both blow their warm creamy loads all over Mike’s golden brown chest.

Watch Mike O’Brian and Gage Garretts fuck at Active Duty


Date: June 16, 2019