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Sean Harding and John Carusso flip-fuck in the locker room


Pride Studios – “Flipped Lovers”: Sean Harding and John Carusso are going to the showers when Sean decides they should spice up their relationship a bit and have sex. John is a little reluctant, but doesn’t take much convincing, and he is soon sucking Sean’s cock down his throat. Sean then sucks John’s cock for a while before switching again. Sharing blow jobs and ass eating under the running water of the shower is really turning them on. John saves up a bunch of water in his mouth and sprays it out into Sean’s eager ass. They turn off the water, towel each other off and then Sean rims John’s ass bent over for a while before fucking him from behind. Sean then lies on his back and John fucks him until both shoot their thick creamy loads.

Watch Sean Harding and John Carusso fuck at Pride Studios

Date: June 5, 2019