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Lance Hart fucks Michael Jackman’s bare ass hole

0% – “Erectile Entanglement” (part 1): Jack Hunter is finally going home to see his parents after his first semester at college. The tall, brown-haired cutie is nervous about telling his dad (Lance Hart) that he’s gay, but before he has a chance Lance reveals that he’s left Jack’s mother to date the much younger Michael Jackman. Jack takes the news hard, throwing an adolescent temper tantrum that breaks his father’s heart.

Michael decides to comfort the sexy salt-and-pepper stud with a cheeky striptease, giving Jack an eyeful in the process. Lance finds comfort in his tall new beau’s soft lips as they kiss and trade wet blowjobs. Lance Hart bends Michael over, hammering the athletic twink’s tight hole until they’ve both blown their loads.

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Date: July 5, 2019