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Matthew Camp and Enzo fuck in the second scene from Camp Chaos

0% – “Camp Chaos – Upstate”: In this episode of Camp Chaos, sexy Matthew Camp recalls an encounter with a freshman in college, reminiscing about the softness of his skin, the crumbling basement floor and the sound of the furnace rumbling to life on a cold night in Upstate New York. After poring over the potential men to help him recreate the memory, Matthew decides on the sweet and sensitive Enzo.

The two men take an intimate shower together, letting their bodies gently graze each other and washing each other’s chests as they banter affably. When the time comes for them to meet in the bedroom the two share a tender and erotic encounter. Matthew slowly and intentionally fucks Enzo, making sure he feels every stroke as they try to recapture, however fleeting, the feeling at the heart of their memories.

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Date: July 27, 2019
Actors: Matthew Camp