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Angel Ventura and Dustin Steele flip-fuck at Pride Studios


Pride Studios – “Are You Motivated Yet?”: Dustin Steele is sitting in the locker room and he is pissed off because Angel Ventura is late for his workout. When Angel shows up 20 minutes late, Dustin gives him some shit about being late, but then tries to get him to forget about his bad day by motivating him to work out. When Angel Ventura continues to be lazy about working out, Dustin begins to grab his ass and asks him if he is motivated yet. With that they begin groping and making out. They exchange blow jobs and then Dustin Steele rims and fucks Angel first. Angel then rims Dustin and fucks him until he explodes with cum. Angel then shoots his load all over Dustin.

Watch Angel Ventura and Dustin Steele fuck at Pride Studios



Date: August 13, 2019