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Angel Rivera bottoms for Brazilian muscle top Diego Sans

0% – “Hate Fuck” (Scene 2): Diego Sans and Angel Rivera’s relationship is in trouble, so Angel convinced his boyfriend to talk things out with a therapist, but their session starts off with lots of unproductive arguing. That’s when the shrink pulls out an unusual treatment option: these partners need to stop “making love” and try a hate-fuck instead! Diego is all about it, relishing the opportunity to get out all his aggressive feelings by roughly manhandling Angel as he fucks his mouth and fingers his ass, and soon Angel is getting into it as he takes a hard pounding and even sucks Diego’s cock upside-down in a standing 69! By the time Angel cums and Diego blows a huge load all over him, this couple have gone from “Hell no” to “Fuck yes!”

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Date: October 26, 2019