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Marco Napoli bottoms for Damon Heart at Men At Play


Men At Play – “Wet Plans”: One of their best clients has commissioned Damon Hart and Marco Napoli, a team of architects, to complete some major renovations to a property. They’ve arrived on-site to review plans for their client’s project, meeting up outside by the pool; the client is expected to arrive in about 1 hour.

Suddenly, a gust of wind sends some of the documents flying into the pool, and Marco doesn’t hesitate to dive in after them. While the plans may have been salvaged, his suit, unfortunately, wasn’t. Damon points out that the state of his attire is no longer suitable for the client meeting, and the pair enter the home to attempt to dry Marco off. Thoroughly patting him down with a towel, Damon notices that Marco has clearly developed an erection through his pants.

It’s too much for him to resist exploring Marco’s throbbing member with his hands – and far too much to resist exploring it with his mouth. Damon slowly works his way to that tasty fuckhole. Marco is relentlessly eaten and pounded while still clothed in that soaking wet suit. Teamwork at its finest.

Watch Marco Napoli bottom for Damon Heart at Men At Play



Date: October 25, 2019