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Jace Chambers fucks Michael Roman’s hungry ass


Pride Studios – “The Best Thing in the Morning is Sex”: Michael is an early bird and he has dragged Jace to the gym so they can get some hot sexy action in before everyone shows up. Jace is barely awake and can’t believe he woke up this early to get his freak on. Michael convinces Jace and soon enough he is down on his knees worshipping his man’s big cock. Michael’s face fucks him and then Jace gets a turn at his mouth and he repays the favor by deep throat fucking him until they both move into a very sexy 69 on the gym bench. Jace gets Michael’s smooth tan hole nice and lubed up with his tongue as he pleasures him while Michael has his dick deep in his throat. Both men are fired up and ready for some action now. Jace bends Michael over and pushes his long hard cock deep into his ass pumping and thrusting deep into him. Nobody has arrived in the gym as of yet as they continue to fuck up against the lockers and on the bench. Jace fucks him until he cannot hold his load back and he pulls his throbbing cock out of Michael’s tight ass and let’s loose his built up jizz all over Michael’s sexy chest. Michael keeps stroking his dick until he finally blasts his thick load all over himself.

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Date: May 28, 2018