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Next Door Studios
Family Cuckolds
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Newcomer Brock Kniles gets fucked by Donte Thick


Next Door Studios – “Hard Line”: Brock Kniles is no stranger to the occasional incident at the job- you do it long enough and you’re bound to see just about everything once- but he’s never had any training to deal with the situation in front of him. It’s not that he’s never had a client get naked while he was working, and it’s not even the first time he’s stolen a look through the window for a cheap thrill, but when Donte Thick invites him in, Brock Kniles is at a loss for how to feel.

He swore when he woke up this morning that he was a regular ham & eggs kind of red-blooded straight guy, but here he is watching another guy jerk off and the bulge in his pants is too obvious to deny. For Donte, fucking a blue collar stud while he’s on the job is already turn on enough, but when Donte Thick finds out it’s Brock Kniles’s first time, well let’s just say the reward of his risk far exceeds even his wildest imagination. Lucky for him, he doesn’t have to imagine any longer.

Watch Brock Kniles bottom for Donte Thick at Next Door Studios


Date: October 2, 2019