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Vincent O’Reilly gets his bare ass fucked by Dalton Riley

0% – “Dalton & Riley (bareback)”: Dalton Riley is really excited to have some fun on set with tanned and tattooed hottie Vincent Oreilly. Dalton describes how he got into the industry, a few of his favorite things, and everything he wants to do with Vincent today before his sexy scene partner enters and takes a seat in his lap. The guys’ arousal ramps up as they kiss, and Vincent gets right down to sucking Dalton’s big dick. Dalton wants to taste Vincent’s hard cock and his ass, then fucks him deep in bareback doggystyle. Vincent rides Dalton and begs for every inch of that dick as he cums, before Dalton leaves a massive load all over Vincent’s face.

Watch Vincent O’Reilly take Dalton Riley’s raw cock


Date: October 6, 2019