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Max Carter fucks Kyle Ross’ bare ass at Helix Studios


Helix Studios – “Kyle & Max’s EuroTrip: England”: We follow porn titans, Kyle Ross and Max Carter every step of the way on their European tour! We even hijacked the boy’s phones to share salaciously secret videos from their personal stash, showing our boys exploring the fun across the pond, AND, enjoying every amenity the luxurious hotel has to offer…including a sweat covered gym pump, and a dirty boy bathtub tryst! But, don’t worry, the guys don’t stay clean for long! The dick hungry duo break the hotel bed in with a bareback boning with the curtains open! The erotic extroverts let their presence be know as Carter crams Kyle full of cock till the pretty boy’s toes curl, and his bone busts, covering his torso full of cum. Carter follows suit, seeding Ross with raunchy ropes of raw nut in his butt, and a cocksure covering to his cum drained balls. With renewed energy, the gorgeous guys head out to the European Prowler Awards, taking us on the jizz fueled journey all the way.

Watch Max Carter fuck Kyle Ross at Helix Studios



Date: November 1, 2019