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Rocky Vallarta gets fucked by Logan Styles at Bromo


Bromo – “Woods” (scene 2): The Woods is a place where paths diverge, and Rocky Vallarta isn’t finished following where they lead. After trying out the hardest path, Rocky selects the door that bears the sign of the path well traveled; inside waits Logan Styles in a harness, with his lovingly laid out bondage tools beside him. Logan beckons Rocky forward and pulls him to his knees, binding his wrists and blindfolding him before stinging his body all over with a paddle. The strong dom puts Rocky on all fours to fuck him doggystyle, then removes the blindfold so Rocky can look up at the top as he gets fucked in missionary until he cums. Logan paints Rocky with his cum, signalling that this path is at an end… but there are still more paths in the Woods to walk…

Watch Rocky Vallarta and Logan Styles fuck at Bromo



Date: November 5, 2019