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Jax fucks Lane’s bare hole at Sean Cody


Sean Cody: Jax is excited to be paired with Lane today because not only does Lane have an amazing body, they’re also real-life best friends. Jax says, “I know Lane is an absolute bottom-monster, he can take a dick like no other, so I’m pretty excited to be able to just not hold back.” Lane is just as stoked to take that big dick in his ass and get picked up and tossed around a little bit by his big strong friend Jax! After Lane sucks his dick, Jax picks up his bud to kiss him before throwing him down on the bed and eating his ass. Lane rides Jax’s big dick till Jax cums in his tight hole, and Jax keeps going till he makes his best friend cum too!

Watch Jax fuck Lane’s bare hole at Sean Cody


Date: December 7, 2019
Actors: Jax (SC) / Lane (SC)