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Dolf Dietrich gets fucked by Nate Stetson


Alpha Male Fuckers: When Dolf Dietrich and Nate Stetson get together it’s a cocksucker’s delight with plenty of oral action noisy dick gobbling and plenty of wet slurping noises, the kind that make your cock twitch and harden. Tattooed muscle hunk Dolf and Nate, a mustachioed genteel southerner, slobber over each others tools and get in plenty of face fucking. Once naked, Nate devours Dolf’s ass, rimming his hole like he’s savoring a tender morsel of filet mignon before sliding that huge raw dick inside the beefy muscle hunk. Nate takes his sweet time bareback fucking Dolf, the way a hunk like Dolf should be fucked…long and deep and steady, before breeding and seeding the hungry hole. Then Dolf takes Nate for a ride, impaling and fucking himself, using Nate to satisfy his anal urges until he blows his wad all over Nate’s chest.

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Date: December 11, 2017