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Salvador Mendoza fucks Jamil Bargas


Kristen Bjorn : Casting Couch #378. Salvador Mendoza and Jamil Bargas have only been dating for 3 months when they decide to take a romantic getaway. The spark between our two lovers has ignited into a burning desire for romance and more. The infatuated couple are lounging on the bed when the passionate kissing begins and leads to the exploration of each other’s muscular bodies with their tongues and lips. Jamil begins consuming Salvador’s huge, fat cock with ease, then Salvador picks up the pace and begins rapidly fucking his face. Salvador flips Jamil onto all 4’s and spreads his furry hole open and begins to fuck him with his hungry tongue. As his tongue darts in and out of that tight hole, both men feel their urges reach the level that Jamil positions himself so that Salvador can penetrate him. Salvador moves into position and rams his hot, raw cock full length into Jamil’s ass. The guys switch up their positions multiple times when Salvador finally takes Jamil from behind and caresses him in the exact position that Jamil loves. Jamil’s body responds to all the pleasure filling him up and explodes his hot load of cum. Salvador continues fucking the cum out of Jamil as he grabs his cock and showers Jamil’s ass, thighs, balls and cock with his huge load. Salvador makes sure that he saves the last of his load as he shoves his cum drenched cock back into Jamil’s completely soaked hairy ass. Romance has the ability to increase the size of your load, give it a try!

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Date: December 9, 2017