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Christian Matthews and Damian Dragon flip-fuck at Dudes Raw


Dudes Raw: Christian and Damian are tough, tatted studs who are down to fuck like real men. Swatting each others’ cocks, when they kiss they devour each other. Damian dives head first into Matthews’ pits, swallows down a big gulp of Christian’s cock and munches his nuts. Turned on by the rough treatment, Christian braces himself against the wall, hairy ass turned up. Damian jerks Christian’s dick with one hand. opens his hole wide with the other for a deep ass-sucking rim job. He plows into that spit-soaked asshole and drools another gob of saliva on his fucking piece for good luck. Ass and prick slam into each other, with Dragon’s nuts slapping his buddy’s hairy taint. Christian is torn between beating off and just kneeling there getting bred royally. Damian grabs him around the throat, pulling him down to ride cock like a man. Christian’s hard bobbing piece shows his sex drive hasn’t let up for one second. Now it’s Damian’s turn to get rammed and crammed with hard raw cock. Christian thrusts fast and hard into his hole, bones knitting with such force they might wake up bruised tomorrow. Damian grinds his ass on Matthews’ thick pounding pole, then finally can’t hold out. His foreskin fills and drips a heavy load of jizz, then Christian jerks just enough to push back in and cream the tough Asian stud’s hole. They lick and suck the taste of sperm out of each others’ mouths.

Watch Christian Matthews and Damian Dragon fuck at Dudes Raw


Date: July 19, 2018