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Manuel Scalco and Apolo Fire fuck RAW


Kristen Bjorn – Mans Needs. Manuel Scalco and Apolo Fire return home from the after-hours party and have been dancing with sexy, sweaty muscled men all night and are full of many Needs. As they start kissing it is their throbbing, hard cocks that are demanding attention. The strong, uncut cocks are unleashed and Manuel begins sucking on Apolo’s huge cock and balls. Apolo enjoys feeding Manual’s need for cock and makes sure that he gets every inch of it. Manuel flips with Apolo and Apolo immediately begins sucking his cock making it harder and stronger than steel. Apolo flips Manuel and eats his raw ass until it is sufficiently soaked before he rams his cock into that puckered hole. Apolo begins fucking Manuel, but notices that he is in need of additional lubricant so he pulls out and continues eating Manuel’s ass. Apolo realizes that Manuel has enough lubricant, but he is enjoying fucking his ass with his cock and his tongue. So, he repeatedly pulls his cock out and begins probing with his hungry tongue. After going back and forth from tongue to cock, Apolo is ready to have his big, beefy muscle ass fucked. Manuel steps up and slips his cock into Apolo and begins his rhythmic fucking. Manuel’s fucking has exceeded Apolo’s needs as his balls draw up tight and his cock is in a perfect plank. As Manuel continues his fucking Apolo unleashes his thick creamy load of cum. Manuel immediately slips his cock out and showers Apolo’s thick thighs with his hot load of cum before he shoves in back inside of Apolo’s dripping ass. There are many ways to fill Men’s Needs, Manuel and Apolo wanted to show you how they meet theirs.

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Date: July 13, 2018