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Luke Johnson rubs out a creamy load for Active Duty


Active Duty: Dirk Yates talks with Luke Johnson making him comfortable before his clothes come off. When the time is right Dirk tells him to get naked and tosses the lube at him. Luke has been waiting for this moment and gladly sits down in the chair and begins to get his cock hard. He lubes up and within seconds his dick is rock hard and he’s stroking every inch of us all to see. He has a modest hairy body with some tattoos and his accent is extremely sexy. You can see the lube shine off his throbbing cock as he masturbates. As Luke becomes lost in the moment he begins to talk dirty while moaning and groaning. Dirk has him get on the bed and he continues to stroke his big hard dick until we tell him to bend over and show off his ass. Luke listens to every command and uses both hands to spread his virgin hole wide open and he even winks at us. Luke lies back down and spreads his legs so we can see his furry balls while strokes that hard dick. You can tell he is getting closer to nutting as his breath picks up and his moans become louder. Dirk tells him to let the nut out when he is ready and soon after Luke is beating his cock fast and hard until he shoots streams of cum all over himself which even sprays his own face. Luke is amazed that he got his face and his chest is full of his sticky warm cum.

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Date: September 12, 2018
Actors: Luke Johnson