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Aaron Trainer trains Nick Milani’s ass at Pride Studios


Pride Studios – “Train My Ass With That Big Dick”: Aaron Trainer sees Nick Milani in the gym and Nick recognizes Aaron and knows he is a good trainer. Nick has him check out his body and his glutes which gives Aaron the perfect opportunity to grab his ass and pull out his big dick. Once Nick sees that big thick cock and drops to his knees and begins worshipping every inch. Aaron loves that he can face fuck Nick balls deep. Aaron turns Nick over to spread his cheeks and lick his sweet ass.

Aaron lubes up that tight hole with his spit and than eases his big dick into him making Nick moan with pleasure. Aaron begins to passionately fuck him deep and at times thrusting hard and fast. Aaron fucks him all over the locker room until he puts him on his back and fucks the cum right out of him. Aaron pulls his cock out and strokes it while he blows Nick and then he shoots his load all over him and than puts his cum soaked cock back into Nick’s bare ass.

Watch Aaron Trainer bareback Nick Milani at Pride Studios


Date: January 8, 2020