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Secret Obsessions: Alex Tanner gets his smooth ass fucked by Steven Lee


Next Door Studios – “Secret Obsessions”: When Alex Tanner comes home from work, the last thing he expects to find is roomie Steven Lee spread out on the couch jacking off to gay porn, but there he is, smiling wide on the sofa with his dick out. Alex spies on him, rubbing the bulge in his pants while fantasizing about all the things Steven could do to him with that hard dick of his.

He imagines taking Steven upstairs, and sucking him off as he strips out of his clothes. He imagines Steven eating his ass before using that big cock to pound Alex every which way he can. He pictures kissing Steven hard on his mouth before Steven proceeds to finish the job, fucking the cum out of Alex before dousing him with his big, creamy load. Alex can see all of it so clearly, the only thing left to do is turn fantasy into a reality.

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Date: February 22, 2019