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GuyBone: Mason Lear and Brian Bonds flip-fuck


GuyBone: Newly engaged and into each other more than ever, Brian Bonds and Mason Lear are SUCH a sexy porn star couple. They radiate good times and horny moments. This shoot was a breeze because I just had to turn on the camera and let them go at it. Starting naked and aroused, Brian dropped down on Mason’s thick, curved cock and sucked mightily. Mason’s big balls and bare feet sent my dick into a frenzy. I loved watching a real life couple fuck as if it was their first time. Their chemistry sets the bar and in no way are they tired of sex with each other. Two fucking hot dudes who found each other in this industry and decided to create a smoking hot life together, on and off camera.

They slid into a hot 69 so both guys could feel that oral satisfaction. They gulped down each other’s girthy rods, gagging and choking on the heftiness. How hot their home must be, to be able to have this kind of sex together, whenever they please. Brian offered his ass to Mason for some super sexy rimming. Mason spit on his hole and tongue fucked it proper. My dick is throbbing again just writing about it. He sucked Brian’s hairy nuts as the first up bottom lubed his ride with SPUNK. Brian squatted over top of Mason’s intimidating pole and took a stiff seat. Immediately, he began riding it with expertise. When I circled around in front of them, the reverse cowboy looked heavenly. Brian’s big boner was flopping to and fro as he bucked on Mason’s fat, throbbing cock. Fuck, their bareback penetration was beyond hot!

Mason’s manhood filled Brian completely and perfectly. He jack-hammered it into his hole before switching positions. Brian got Mason up against the glass, enjoying two views at once. He buried his face in Mason’s hairy ass, wetting it to make way for his raging erection. Goddamn, he ate that ass right. Both boys boned to eternity, they were ready to show off the other side of their versatile relationship. With Mason as bottom, they gently eased Brian’s big cock inside his tight butt and began banging. Mason’s hardon bounced with the butt fucking he was getting from Brian. Mason continued to lube up and let Brian have at his hole.

Brian stuffed him full in doggie against the window. He plunged his cock hard and deep, thoroughly laying claim to Mason’s ass. Wanting to return the domination, Mason flipped their roles again, pile driving Brian’s perfect ass on the built in. Their hairy, muscular bodies worked in harmony as they fucked hardcore. Mason’s prick plundered Brian’s pucker with horny perfection. I honestly couldn’t tell who was happier in which position, they both fucking loved every inch of each other’s bodies and every moment they were sharing.

Mason slammed his meat into Brian’s buns until he was ready to cum. He pulled out and bust his nut in a white rain shower before sticking it back in to breed his bae’s hole. He rubbed his swollen cockhead against Brian’s dripping asshole and asked if he was ready to breed him next. That’s all the invitation Brian needed to bend Mason over and bury his boner in that hairy hole once more. He fucked him raw and rigorously until he was ready to spill his seed. He fucked him doggie on the corner of the bed and caressed his body and held his hips with care. Two very big boys had taken their turns filling each other’s asses with hard cocks and now it was time for Brian to join Mason in orgasm. The screw quickened and their moans grew more intense. Brian was ready to bust so he pulled out to show off a couple droplets before drowning Mason’s guts with his flood of cum. The handsome couple embraced and laughed off a hot time, signifying it was nothing out of the ordinary for them, but every bit extraordinary for the rest of us watching!

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Date: June 6, 2019