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Young recruit Logan Lane jerks off for Active Duty


Active Duty: Logan Lane takes all his clothes off and sits in the chair where he grabs some lube and starts stroking his limp dick. It doesn’t take Logan long to get that big cock nice and hard and once it is, Dirk comes back in and tells him to jump on the bed and continue stroking his soldier meat.

His hand never stops sliding up and down his rock hard shaft and soon enough Dirk is telling him to bend that ass over and spread that tight ass of his. Logan has his legs spread and he pulls his ass open revealing his tight virgin hole.

His balls hang as he slowly strokes his dick and once Dirk has had enough of the view he tells him to get comfortable on the bed so he can let that nut out. Logan has been waiting for this and his balls are full and once he kicks back on the bed his nut comes blasting out all over the place. This kid has some thick cum and empty balls which leads him to the showers.

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Date: July 10, 2019
Actors: Logan Lane